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Shami Kabob
(Seasonal ground beef patties cooked to a golden brown)


Vegetarian Samosa
(Home made turnover stuffed with lightly tampered and seasoned diced patatoes and peas)


Vegetable Pakora
(Assorted fresh vegetables deep fried in chickpeas batter)


Allu Tikki
(Mashed potatoes and peas patties deep fried in chickpeas batter)


(Lentils Wafers)


Chicken Pakora
(Boneless breast of chicken delicately sliced marinated in chickpeas batter and fried)


Chef Platter
(A great combination of vegetaion appetizers)


Banana Pakora
(Pieces of banana coverd with chickpeas flour batter)


Onion Bhaji
(Onion strings in chickpeas flour batter)


Dahi Bhalla
(Lentil dumpling in Yogurt and Tamarind Chutney)


Chilli Pakora
(Chilli pepper coverd with chickpeas flour and served with hot sauce)


Seekh Kabob Chicken or Lamb
(Roasted minced meat mixed with onions, herbs and spices)


Mulligatawny Soup
(Soup made lentil, tomato, lemon and spices)


Chicken Soup
(Mildy spice homemad chicken soup)


(Fresh garden salad)